Tax The States Instead of The People

The new "Abolitionists" know that there has not been nor will there likely ever be a better opportunity to replace our repressive tax system.  We are demanding a "complete and permanent" solution to the problem of the IRS.

The "Abolition Tax" was borne in the minds of liberty loving grassroots Republican activists in Clark County, Washington.  On June 22, 2013, at a Central Committee meeting of the Clark County Republican Party (CCRP), their Operations Director, Christian Berrigan, introduced a resolution voicing support of abolishing all direct federal taxation of Citizens and replacing the revenue with a system of taxing The States.

The Precinct Committee Officers in attendance, representing over 220 precincts in Clark County, passed this resolution by an overwhelming majority (over 90%).

The resulting message is this:

If a viable alternative to the invasive and frightening tax system enforced by the IRS does indeed exist, Free People should not be subjected to the severe damage to their civil liberties exacted upon them by the income tax system.

The "New Abolitionists" hope that you will join us in passing our resolution, or the closest passable facsimile, and forwarding yours to our suggested list of Senators, Representatives and other national communicators.